Friday, 17 April 2009


In the ARI J.'S article " Is Gold Really the Safest investment?", she states that why the price of gold increasing and gold is not the safest investment in the world. First, we can know what the relation between dollars and gold is. Second, there is the reason why the gold price increasing in the whole world. Third, the price of gold or the value of gold is unpredictable and volatile. To sum up, the suggestion is that we should not be blind buying gold or selling your jewelry.

I agree with the author's opinion that gold is not the safest investment, because the price of gold is unpredictable. But is a little safer than dollars, especially when the world is in trouble whit financial crisis. I think that is the best way to keep the value of your money is by using all 50% of your money to buy gold and keeping the other 50% of money in the bank. Whatever which side is changed, you always have 50% of the money, and get a chance to earn more money.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Chinese Flag

The Five-Starred Red Flag was pinpointed as the national flag of the People's Republic of China on September 27th in 1949. The background of the flag is red, and there are five yellow stars on it. One of the stars is the biggest, and the others are same. The red color represents the history of Chinese revolution. And the five stars represent solidarity. Now maybe you are interesting in the meanings of the each star, let me show you. The biggest star means the Chinese Communist Party, the others small stars mean the workers, farmers, cities, petty bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie. It is stand for the Chinese Communist Party rally the workers, farmers, petty bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie to its banner. In China, the hight school, middle school, primer school held the flag raising ceremony every monday. we can see the Chinese flag not only in China, but also in every country.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

AE 2
Feng yu liu
Feburary 4th 09

You never know what will happen
You never know what will happen in next minute, the next day, the next year... Tows feel they were "set up by heavens," which gives them motivation to enjoy their love. But a car accident will change the tow lovers’ life. Do you want to know what's going on? Let me introduce my favorite movie .
At the start of the movie, a car that run very fast on the rode and bumped a girl. Her name is Dan, and she was taken to the hospital. It is fortunate that she just got a little bruise. But she can't remember anything, include her boyfriend, his name is Chou.
And then, Chou didn't know she had the car accident, her cell phone was broken in the accident, and he couldn’t find her. Two weeks later, Chou's best friend Hong invited him to a restaurant to have dinner, and Hong wanted to introduce his new girlfriend to him. When Chou got into the restaurant, the sight of Dan and Hong kissing took Chou's breathe away. But he didn't say anything. Hong told him they met in the hospital, and Dan lost her memory. In the last two weeks he always helped her, and they felt in love. Chou thought Hong is his best friend; Dan is his love. If only they get happiness, he was willing to keep the secret forever. In next few months, whenever the three people go out, Chou always felt he missed the most important thing in his life. There is interesting footage. In a restaurant, the waiter know Chou and Dan, when they were eating dinner, the waiter feel amazing about Dan and Hong. When the waiter just wanted to ask, Chou shaked his head lightly to the waiter. There is so sad for Chou.
In the end of the movie, they three are drinking tea in a tea salon; Hong told Chou that Dan and him would get married next week. Chou just sat there like a statue, he can feel his tear will be out, so he said “goodbye.” and leaved quickly. Dan found that Chou lift his cell phone on the table, so she want Hong to give it back to Chou. But Hong have important thing to do, so he told her Chou's address and let her take the phone to Chou. Chou let her sit down, and go to take a cup of water for her, and Dan stood up and look around the house. When she get into Chou's bedroom, she stood here. There are a lot of photos on the whole wall of the bedroom; they are all about her and Chou's things before. In the same time, Chou came into the room, and she turned to Chou, gently caress and stroke his face...
To sum up, the movie ended with Dan gently caresses and stroke his face. This end gives us infinite imagination. What will Dan do when she get her memory back? What will Chou do? We don't know. I hope Dan and Chou get together in the end. In our life, sometimes we make choices between love and friends. In my opinion, it is the most difficult question in the world. Whatever you choose, just don't let yourself repent.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


The panda, a precious animal, is very famous all over the world. How can we describe the animal very well? In my opinion, we should do it from sight, sound, touch and smell. First, when you first see a panda, you are able to see the black and white color around the whole fat body. There is something interesting, if you move nearly it, you must pay attention on its eyes. Its head is white, but there is a small area around its eyes and its black. It looks like somebody beat it. Second, you can hear of something like a 'crunch', when it is chewing bamboo. Or you could feel how cute it is when it is snoring during sleep. Third, maybe you can't control your feeling to touch it, it's so soft and hairy. But you would smell a little stink when you are nearly it. I think it doesn't matter. You will like the animal, which is so lovely. To sum up, I hope you got some useful information, and also hope you like panda.

Thursday, 18 September 2008