Friday, 17 April 2009


In the ARI J.'S article " Is Gold Really the Safest investment?", she states that why the price of gold increasing and gold is not the safest investment in the world. First, we can know what the relation between dollars and gold is. Second, there is the reason why the gold price increasing in the whole world. Third, the price of gold or the value of gold is unpredictable and volatile. To sum up, the suggestion is that we should not be blind buying gold or selling your jewelry.

I agree with the author's opinion that gold is not the safest investment, because the price of gold is unpredictable. But is a little safer than dollars, especially when the world is in trouble whit financial crisis. I think that is the best way to keep the value of your money is by using all 50% of your money to buy gold and keeping the other 50% of money in the bank. Whatever which side is changed, you always have 50% of the money, and get a chance to earn more money.

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